Peg shaped lateral incisors occur where the second adult  front tooth (lateral incisor), does not develop correctly and has an unusual characteristic shape, being small , pointed and cone shaped, and as the name suggests it resembles a wooden tent peg.

tent-pegs-11-post-art What are peg shaped lateral incisors?



Peg shaped lateral incisors are normally smaller both in  the height and width.

peg-2-post-art-2-1 What are peg shaped lateral incisors?


Peg shaped lateral incisors can be restored to a more normal size by various means including veneers and composite bonding.


Composite bonding involves building up the peg shaped tooth to a more normal size using the same type of material (dental composite) which is used for tooth coloured fillings. The composites are available in various colours to match the patients tooth colour.

peg-3-post-art What are peg shaped lateral incisors?


peg-41-post-art-JPG What are peg shaped lateral incisors?

Often orthodontics is required to before building up  the peg shaped lateral incisor. . Sometimes there is not enough space to allow for the build up , and other times the peg shaped tooth is not in the right position to allow for a pleasing build up. Depending on the type of orthodontic movements required, the treatment may require fixed appliances (braces), or maybe suitable for clear aligners like Invisalign .


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