Inside “Invisible” Braces

Lingual Braces

Inside or lingual “invisible” braces are a real possibility for straightening your teeth. Lingual braces are highly accurate and should achieve a result comparable to outside braces. Dr Buckley has a masters degree in lingual orthodontics from the university of Hannover, Germany. Please see Dr Buckleys lingual website.

Please review the case studies to see the quality of results achieved.

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incognito-logo Lingual Braces

Wireless Invisible Braces

Lingual or inside braces

These appliances are worn on the inside of the teeth. These appliances are very accurate and can achieve a result which is as good as can be achieved with outside braces.

Dr Buckley uses the “Win” and “Incognito” lingual appliances.

Please see our lingual website.

If you wish to see the quality of results achieved with lingual appliances please see here.

Dr Buckley has an additional MSc in lingual orthodontics, from the University of Hannover Germany.