Orthodontic Excellence

Treatment Costs

The cost of the initial consultation is €90 , this includes x-rays and records. This is payable on the day when you attend for your consultation . Our fees are clear, honest and reasonable.

The costs of orthodontic treatment depend on the complexity of treatment, and on the type of braces chosen . You will be given an exact fee on your initial consultation. This fee covers all your visits (approximately every 4-6 weeks) and you will be provided with upper and lower retainers as required at the completion of wearing your braces . The retainers will be supervised for 2 years.

The only other charge will be for the provision of new replacement retainers due to wear and tear and loss or breakage. A new retainer costs €100

The fees are normally paid in installments throughout the course of treatment . They can be paid by direct debit on a monthly basis if you prefer.

Orthodontic Treatment

How To Claim Tax Relief

Tax Relief is available at the standard rate on orthodontic fees through the Med 2 scheme.

This means that anyone paying income tax in Ireland can claim a refund of 20% on fees paid. Parents or guardians are allowed to claim a refund for their dependent children.

Our receptionist will give you the completed Med II forms.

Further details are available from your local tax office or at www.revenue.ie

Download Med2 Form