TADS Mini Implants

TADS ( temporary anchorage devices ).
A tad is a very small bone screw they are approx 8-12 mm long and approx 1.2 – 1.6 mm in diameter
In certain orthodontic situations we want specific teeth to move and other teeth to not move. This is referred to as anchorage , and is an enormous consideration in planning orthodontic treatment. Tads help to control anchorage by allowing selective tooth movement . If their use would be helpful in your case this will be discussed with you to explain the benefit of using them in your treatment. They are inserted in a matter of minutes during a normal adjustment visit after applying a small amount of local anaesthetic to the gum . They are removed when the desired tooth movements are achieved . Their removal takes a few seconds and is pain free.


Please see the following video clips which illustrate various situations where Tads maybe employed

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