Orthognathic Surgery

For Patients who have severe jaw discrepancies orthognathic ( jaw aligning ) surgery maybe used to reposition the jaws. It can be used to reposition the upper and lower jaw bones as required.

Orthognathic surgery is commonly undertaken in combination with orthodontic treatment. A phase of orthodontic treatment is necessary before surgery in order to place the teeth into the correct position so that when the jaw position has been corrected surgically the teeth meet normally. This also helps to improve the stability of surgical results. A short phase of orthodontic treatment is often necessary following surgery in order to fine tune the biting relationship. Dr Buckley collaborates with experienced Oral and maxillofacial surgeons who perform the surgery.

Before orthodontics and orthognathic Surgery


After orthodontics and orthognathic Surgery


You may find the following video clips to be informative.

Lower jaw advancement surgery

Lower jaw setback surgery

Upper jaw advancement surgery.

Upper jaw moved vertically

Upper jaw moved vertically and segmented

Upper and lower jaw surgery. The upper jaw is moved forwards, the lower jaw is moved back.

The upper jaw is moved upwards and the lower jaw is moved forwards.

Surgical correction of an open bite.

Surgical correction of a gummy smile.

Reduction genioplasty surgery. ( chin surgery to reduce prominence of chin )

Advancement genioplasty surgery. ( chin surgery to increase prominence of a small chin)

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