Fixed Braces

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fixedbraces1Fixed BracesUsing fixed appliances or train tracks is the most precise way to control tooth movement to achieve the perfect smile.
There are three main components to such appliances, brackets, arch wires, and auxiliaries.

FixedBraces2Orthodontic Brackets

Brackets are attached to the teeth . The bracket helps to determine the final tooth position. The brackets can be made of metal or a clear ceramic material.

FixedBraces3Orthodontic Archwires

Archwires are the wires which are placed into the brackets. The archwire acts as a motor and provides a constant gentle force to move the teeth into the desired final position. These wires are made of metal ( stainless steel, nickel titanium or TMA ) . They can be coloured with tooth coloured coatings to make them somewhat less obvious. However, these coatings do have a tendency to breakdown between visits and may possibly slow down tooth movements

Orthodontic Auxiliaries

Orthodontic auxiliaries such as elastics can be a clear or a bright colour. Bright colours are popular with younger patients.

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